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The toggle switch is supposed to be there. We'll get it added back.

For now, I disabled it for you. The video will still appear on the "Edit" page, but will not appear on the actual public page.

Our developers identified an issue assigning people to teams. We'll get it fixed in the next release.

For now, you'll need to manually add individuals to teams. Just click on the person's name, and then click the "Edit" button. On the individual's edit page, you can check the box for the appropriate team and save.

Your public page should be working correctly now.

There was a bug that caused your church's location information to become corrupted when saving changes on the public page, which led to the page freezing up when trying to display the map. We have corrected the issue, so that shouldn't continue to happen. I also corrected your church's location information, so it should display correctly on the map.

Let us know if you run into more issues.



We have corrected the issue that was causing your church's location information to get corrupted when making other changes on your page.

You should be able to edit your public page without without problems now.

Let us know if you run into more issues.


For some reason, whenever the available resources are edited on your page, your organization information is becoming corrupted. I have corrected it again, so you should at least be able to access that page again now.

Our developers are gone for the day, so we won't be able to get to the bottom of this issue before tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

It should be corrected.

The problem wasn't related to the resources section. Somehow, the data for your Church's location got messed up, causing problems when rendering the map. I've corrected the location data. We'll keep investigating to see how this happened, but your page should be working again.

Let us know if you run info further issues.



Our developers corrected the issue. Team editing should work as expected now. If you experience any additional issues, let us know.


Thanks for notifying us of the issue. I have alerted our development team, and they're looking into it. I'll update you when we have the issue resolved.

Hi Stephanie,

I'm sorry you were running into trouble with Director. I'm not aware of any current issues assigning volunters to roles. 

I just signed into your VBS and assigned a volunteer to a role successfully. (I then unassigned them, so I didn't mess up your data.)

Go ahead and try it again and see if it works for you now. If you continue to have difficulty, let us know so we can investigate further.