Your comments

No, everything looks good on our end. Your page is publically viewable. 

Double-check that there isn't a typo in the link on your website. The correct link to your public page is: 

If it is still giving you trouble, let us know where on your site you have the link, and we can help determine what's going wrong.

The downloadable resources are just supplemental materials. For now, we don't have the ABC second edition lesson materials available in digital format. That is something we are working on, but I don't have an estimate of when that will be available. 

I heard back about the Easter lessons. They are waiting on some final artwork. They expect to have them available by Friday.

The resources can be download here:

You'll need to enter the code from the inside cover of the teacher's guide to get access.

More details on how to do that are available here: How do I download the resources?

The Easter lessons are coming, but it looks like they aren't available, yet. I'd expect them to be available any time. On Monday, I'll try to find out when they'll be ready. 

If you haven't seen it, you can get some basic info on the Easter lessons here:

Our development team has identified the issue. It will be corrected in the next release of the software, scheduled for next week.

There does appear to be a problem with notifications from registrations made on the public page. The registrations are being accepted and confirmation emails are going to the registrant. However, emails notifications do not appear to be going out to directors and other coordinators.

We're investigating, and will notify you when we know more.

If we allow changes to be made to that field's settings, users can delete or rename the field, which would break major functionality in the tool. Many churches complained when we had the email field set to be required, as they want to be able to register students even if they don't have an email address for them. (If the field is required, it is required everywhere, both on the public page and in the admin.) The current setup allows parents the choice of whether or not to receive email updates, and lets directors add students who without emails or unknown emails. So that is why the form is set up as it is.

However, directors can request that we make that field required and we can make that change for you.

I can see that the confirmation emails are definitely being sent out from your event. In at least come cases, I have verification that the recipients have opened the emails.

It looks like you registered someone using your email address on February 16th at 10:45 AM UTC (which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time). We did send you an email on that. If you did not see it, check your SPAM or junk folder. Unfortunately, sometimes our emails do get flagged as junk, but there is nothing more we can do to prevent that,

The time has been corrected to only display if the option is selected on the edit page.

Thanks for letting us know about that issue.