error assigning volunteers to roles


I am trying to assign volunteers to roles and the system is giving me an error. Specifically on the roles I have edited or changed. "Our server is acting up right now. Try again later."

Is this a common error at the time?

Thank you!!

Under review

Hi Stephanie,

I'm sorry you were running into trouble with Director. I'm not aware of any current issues assigning volunters to roles. 

I just signed into your VBS and assigned a volunteer to a role successfully. (I then unassigned them, so I didn't mess up your data.)

Go ahead and try it again and see if it works for you now. If you continue to have difficulty, let us know so we can investigate further.


Thank you. Yes, I am still getting an error.

Specifically, try to assign Sarah Allwein to teach the age group 9-12 (Beluga Whales) or assign Kathy Obray to registration.

Those are the 2 that are giving me the error. :-)

Thank you!

Also, assigning children to their class or team...I was getting the error.


Our developers identified an issue assigning people to teams. We'll get it fixed in the next release.

For now, you'll need to manually add individuals to teams. Just click on the person's name, and then click the "Edit" button. On the individual's edit page, you can check the box for the appropriate team and save.