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That was our mistake. We were showing the first line of the address a second time, instead of showing the second address line, if used. It should be fixed now.

Thanks for pointing out the error.

The problem of the missing content in the registration email has now been corrected.

If you didn't get the emails at all, or you are having some other problem, please provide more details so we can investigate further.


It looks like emails are going out. I can see that we sent out 4 registration emails to you between 9:43 and 9:54 this morning. It does look like your custom message was not included, though.

To be clear, are you saying you didn't receive the emails, or that the content was not correct?


We have redesigned the checklist. We also have a new process in place for initial event setup. So hopefully it will be easier to get started, now.

The church name is no longer cut off on the edit page. We also no longer open the preview in a new tab, so there will no longer be an issue with popup blockers.

Student and volunteer registration can now be turned on and off at will.

Go to the "Promote" page for your VBS. Under both "Student Registration" and "Volunteer Registration" sections, there is a toggle switch to enable or disable registration.

Note that you also must have your public page published in order for people to be able to register online. Click the "Edit Public Page" button to edit and publish your page.

Great, that's what I thought. Given the popularity of Instagram, that seems like a good idea. I've let our team know about your suggestion.