Your comments

We have corrected the issue. I did a test registration to confirm it is working. I deleted my registration when I was done.

We're still investigating the root cause of the problem so we can prevent it from happening again.

If you encounter any more issues, let us know.

We have corrected the issue that was mixing up the tables of contents. They should be usable, now.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We'll work on getting that corrected.

Thanks for letting us know. I temporarily added myself as a director on your event so I could log into your event see what you were seeing. I've passed the info on to the designers.

I did notice the age groups weren't sorted correctly. Just FYI: some settings pages, including the one for ages, allow you to drag-and-drop entries into a different order. If there is an con to the left with four horizontal bars, that indicates the fields are draggable. Use that icon to drag the fields, then click save.

I assumed you probably do want the ages ordered, so I sorted them while I was in your event.

I see why that's confusing. It looks like we do need to add some instructions on that page. I'll notify the team. Here is info on how URLs work.

When you set up your account, you defined a base URL for your church. In your case, it's:

If you wish to change that, it is accessible under Event Settings. Be aware any change to your church URL change will affect the URL for all events for your church.

All your church's events will have a page under that domain. We automatically create a page name based on the theme. So, your first Operation Arctic event will be something like

You can change the page name (the part after the last slash) to something else on the Public Page Settings page. On that page, you'll just enter the page name; not the full url. So, if you enter vbs2017, the full web address would be

If you're referring to the public page, you or your team can make it live and do a test registration to be sure you're satisfied with the entire process: what's displayed on the page and in the emails, the appropriate confirmation emails are received, and so forth.

Once you're satisfied, you can start sharing the link however you like; church website, bulletin, social media, etc.

Our team is looking into allowing the time to be hidden on the public page. This will allow you hide it publicly and still access the recommended schedule. We hope to get that into an upcoming update.

Thanks for the input. We're looking into how we can add more flexibility to the recommended schedule. At a minimum, we'll be adding the ability to exclude age groups from the main rotation schedule in a future update.

No, the checklists are not customizable. You can't add things to them.

Just to help us understand how you'd like to use the tool, what sorts of things would you like to be able to add? The more we understand about your use case, the better job we can do of updating the software to meet your needs.

Yes, you can control the order of the rotations. I'm not sure it will met your needs, though. The automatically generated schedule will rotate all groups through each station. So if you have 2 lesson stations, it will send all teams to both, which I don't think is what you want.

In any case, here is how to reorder the rotations. Go to the rotation settings page. (You can get there from settings or there is a button on the main rotations page that will take you there.) To the left of each rotation setting there is an icon of four horizontal lines. You can use those to drag-and-drop the rotations into a new order. When you're done click save. The groups will go through the stations in that order with Group 1 starting at the first station, Group 2 at the second, and so forth.

I'm not sure I understand your needs well enough to recommend a good solution, but might something like the following list of 5 stations work?

1) Games (Younger) / Snacks (Older)

2) Snacks (Younger) / Games (Older)

3) Crafts (Younger) / Bible (Older)

4) Bible (Younger) / Crafts (Older)

5) Lesson

The "Primary" group would rotate through all these stations. At the "double" stations like #1, the younger portion of that group goes to the first one listed, and the older portion goes to the second. Again, I'm not sure this meets your needs, but it may.