Your comments

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the input.

Just to be sure I understand, are you asking for the ability to include your Instagram information on your public page, along with the other social options?

I'll pass your suggestion on to the team and see what we can do.

We hope to have this feature available in our next major release, which is several weeks out. However, as there are a number of features being worked by our team, I can't guarantee this will be ready at that time.

When it gets close to the time you want to open registration, feel free to contact us again if we haven't provided an update.

We don't have that functionality available in the initial beta release of Digital Director. I'm sorry for the confusing information on that task. We should have either left that task out or changed the wording for this initial release.

I'll check with our development team on Monday to see if we have an estimate of when we expect to have that functionality available.

Actually, it looks like you can't deactivate it. Apparently we missed putting that in the user interface. We'll get that corrected in a future release of Digital Director.

I deactivated student registration for you.

Thanks for the input. We're working on a redesign of the checklist. I'll pass your thoughts on to the rest of the team.

The checklist is intended to introduce you to the tool, as well as guide you through the major steps of organizing your VBS. Some cards provide information about Digital Director. Some are reminders of things to be done outside the tool. Others ask you to do set things up in Director, like entering your VBS dates or your Church info.

Once you have completed a card, it moves to the "completed" section at the top of the list. You can expand that section if you want to review the completed cards.

That edit page is intended to give you a rough idea of where each piece of information is used on your public page. Your church name won't be truncated on the publicly viewable page. You can use the "Save and preview" button at the top to see what the page actually will look like to visitors.

Note that that preview page opens in a new tab, and may be blocked by your browser's popup blocker. If that happens, you'll have to tell your browser to allow the popups so you can see it. (We're working to find a solution to get around that.)

The donation link is something multiple churches have requested in the past, but you don't have to use it. It will only appear on your public page if you enter a web address there.