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Currently, there isn't a great way to do that. You can remove the times, but that will affect both your public page and schedule.

On the "Edit Public Page" page, you can edit the date/time and blank out the time fields. This will hide it on your public page. However, as that time is also used for your schedule, you will not be able to use the automatically generated schedule. All the schedule pages will appear blank. So this is only a viable solution if you don't what to use the scheduling tool.

Obviously you can provide correct details in the comments section of the page, but it's clearly not ideal to have conflicting information at the top of the page.

We are in the process of reviewing and overhauling the public page for an upcoming update to Director. I'll pass your comments on to the team and see what we can do.

You appear to have started this thread from a Southern Heights Baptist Church VBS, so that's the one I'm verifying. Your email address doesn't seem to be associated with that VBS. The two users are l***** and j****** (I'm partially obscuring the emails to prevent exposing them on a public forum.)

I can confirm that they both are being sent registration notifications, and that they are opening them. I also see that emails are being sent from your VBS to those who register, and that they are being opened.

The volunteer contact email is provided to volunteer registrants to use if they have questions. No automated emails are sent there from the system.

If you wish to have notifications to go to your generic email account, you'll need to add that account as a coordinator. You can do that from the People page by clicking the Coordinator Settings button. When logged in to Director using that email address, you can go to the Email Settings section of the Settings page if you wish to customize what emails it receives. By default, it will receive a weekly summary, as well as student and worker registration notifications.

Hi Tanya,

Are you referring to coordinators or volunteers?

In MyAnswers Director, "coordinators" are individuals who can to sign-in to Director and access the online tools. "Volunteers" are individuals who work your VBS. Of course, people can be both a coordinator and a volunteer.

You can add change or delete volunteer roles in the settings section. Coordinator roles are predetermined, and can't be changed.

All coordinators have the same access to the tools in Director. Only those with a "director" role can edit your VBS details or delete your VBS event. Currently, the only other difference between different coordinator roles is the role-specific checklist that is assigned to each coordinator. So, you can assign someone to the most appropriate of the available roles, and they will have access to all the online tools.

Thanks for the additional info. I passed it on to our design team. I'm not sure whether the menu should appear on mobile, but the logo link looks like an error.

Our design team confirmed that there is supposed to be green "register" button at the top of the page. Somehow it got lost in the live version. It has been restored. So the register button should now be present.

It should work for you now.

There was an issue on the public page that caused the wrong URL to be used for Facebook for all users. It has been corrected.

We didn't consider that exact scenario, which is why we are doing this beta test. The team will look into what we can do to support this situation better. (Anyone in a similar situation should comment or up-vote so we'll know how many people are impacted.)

For now, you have two basic options.

The first option is you can invite your preschool director to be a coordinator on your event. To do this, go to the people page and select coordinator settings. You can also define separate roles for preschool volunteers in the settings section. You will have a single list of all volunteers, and another single list of all participants, but using the filters it shouldn't be that difficult for you to keep track of who is in the preschool section, and who is in the older segment. The biggest limitation of this approach is the schedule. The system will only generate a single schedule that all the participants rotate through. It does not support having either multiple schedules or having groups that don't rotate with the rest.

The other option is to set up two events. If you click the "MyAnswers Director" logo at the top right, you'll be taken to your events page, where you can create a separate event. This would allow you to manage your preschool and school aged groups completely separately. It would complicate online registration, as you would have two public pages.

That field controls the order that the roles are displayed on the settings page and the registration page. The lower the number, the earlier it will appear in the list.

We will be changing that in the next update. We're considering simply removing that field and always displaying the roles alphabetically. If we don't do that, we'll hide that "sort order" field and allow you to drag and drop the roles into the order you choose. We're trying to find the right balance between simplicity and flexibility. If you have an opinion about whether or not it is useful to be able to manually control the order these fields appear, let us know.

I see. I'll pass your concerns on to the team.

One of the things we have planned for the next update is to do a review and overhaul of the public page. So your input definitely helps.

It appears that editing the "content" section of the page doesn't trigger the "save" button to appear. We'll get that fixed in the next update.

For now, you'll need to also change something else on the page to get the save button to appear. The simplest is probably the "Website for donations," just below the "content" area. Type anything in that field, and then click anywhere outside that field. The save button will appear. You can undo your change to that field before you click the save button.

As for enabling or disabling registration, that is controlled from the "Promote" page. Click "Promote" in the main menu to get there. There is a toggle switch under both the student and volunteer registration sections. You can use those to control whether students and volunteers can register on your public page.