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It looks like emails are going out. I can see that we sent out 4 registration emails to you between 9:43 and 9:54 this morning. It does look like your custom message was not included, though.

To be clear, are you saying you didn't receive the emails, or that the content was not correct?


The problem of the missing content in the registration email has now been corrected.

If you didn't get the emails at all, or you are having some other problem, please provide more details so we can investigate further.

The volunteer welcome emaIL is not working for me. I added my email address to double check in the email for volunteer contact and I didn't not get an email stating who volunteered. Am I doing something wrong. When a person registers for a student or volunteer, I want an email to be sent to the person who registered and an email to be sent to a generic email acount vbsshbe@gmail.com.

Not a bug

You appear to have started this thread from a Southern Heights Baptist Church VBS, so that's the one I'm verifying. Your email address doesn't seem to be associated with that VBS. The two users are l*****@gmail.com and j******@shbchurch.com. (I'm partially obscuring the emails to prevent exposing them on a public forum.)

I can confirm that they both are being sent registration notifications, and that they are opening them. I also see that emails are being sent from your VBS to those who register, and that they are being opened.

The volunteer contact email is provided to volunteer registrants to use if they have questions. No automated emails are sent there from the system.

If you wish to have notifications to go to your generic email account, you'll need to add that account as a coordinator. You can do that from the People page by clicking the Coordinator Settings button. When logged in to Director using that email address, you can go to the Email Settings section of the Settings page if you wish to customize what emails it receives. By default, it will receive a weekly summary, as well as student and worker registration notifications.