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Tanya Miller 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 6

I have the same question as Sarah H re: preschool coordinator; I would also like to be able to add coordinator positions into the data base if that is possible.


Hi Tanya, you can add coordinator positions by clicking " settings" on the bottom-left of the screen. From there, click "Coordinators". You can add and modify your coordinators on that page.

Thanks for the quick response! I think I asked the wrong question - I want to edit the coordinator roles on the drop down box. Sorry!


Hi Tanya,

Are you referring to coordinators or volunteers?

In MyAnswers Director, "coordinators" are individuals who can to sign-in to Director and access the online tools. "Volunteers" are individuals who work your VBS. Of course, people can be both a coordinator and a volunteer.

You can add change or delete volunteer roles in the settings section. Coordinator roles are predetermined, and can't be changed.

All coordinators have the same access to the tools in Director. Only those with a "director" role can edit your VBS details or delete your VBS event. Currently, the only other difference between different coordinator roles is the role-specific checklist that is assigned to each coordinator. So, you can assign someone to the most appropriate of the available roles, and they will have access to all the online tools.

Are we going to be able to edit Coordinator Roles in the future? The way our VBS is set up, we have 10 teaching classrooms and I have a Coordinator overseeing the Teachers and would like to add them as a Coordinator but do not want to give them the Director role. I don't want them to have the ability to edit any information.

Similar question here... I have an administrative aid who I'd like to be able to print rosters and labels, but not change any information.


We do not have plans to allow for the creation of new coordinator roles. Each coordinator role is associated with its own checklist. As communication through the tool is tied to checklists, it would be difficult to communicate with someone in a role without one. Also each role must have granular permissions defined for each of the functions in Digital Director. So, new roles could not easily defined by users of Director.

We're certainly open to the possibility of adding more coordinator roles if the existing ones don't meet your needs.

What would you like these additional roles to have the ability to do, and not be able to do, in Director? For example, would you want a "read-only" role that can't change anything, including the rosters? Do you want a role that can only work with the roster, but not change anything else?