Where do I get a url?

Angela Larson 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 9

I am stuck and can't seem to get an URL I can use. Please help


I see why that's confusing. It looks like we do need to add some instructions on that page. I'll notify the team. Here is info on how URLs work.

When you set up your account, you defined a base URL for your church. In your case, it's: nibchurch.myanswers.com

If you wish to change that, it is accessible under Event Settings. Be aware any change to your church URL change will affect the URL for all events for your church.

All your church's events will have a page under that domain. We automatically create a page name based on the theme. So, your first Operation Arctic event will be something like nibchurch.myanswers.com/operation-arctic

You can change the page name (the part after the last slash) to something else on the Public Page Settings page. On that page, you'll just enter the page name; not the full url. So, if you enter vbs2017, the full web address would be nibchurch.myanswers.com/vbs2017

Thank you , the fix is great. Also can you have the register and the Volunteer sign up button on the registtration page closer, it seems choppy with the locations separated as they are now. Thanks for the great tool!

The public page is under internal review now. We plan on having a better looking version available in the next update in a few weeks.

I'll pass your input on to the team that's working on that.

I too did not know what to put as the URL when setting up the account so I put a Facebook page since we do not have a webpage for our church as that is what I thought needed to go there. When I go to Event Settings I do not see a place to change the URL but I do see at the bottom of the blue section "Public Page URL". Is that the same thing?

No, the Public Page URL is the web address of your MyAnswers page that you can use to promote your event and allow people to register.

You can change or remove your church's website in the settings section under "Organization Settings."

OK. Think I have that fixed. Now I noticed something else. I noticed when playing with the emails sent after registrations that the church address was missing the state. When I go to "Organization Settings" and put the state (Oklahoma) in it does not save after clicking the "Save" button. It goes back to "Select State".

I am not aware of any issues saving the state value. I added myself to your event to try to see what you are seeing. Your church does have its state set to Oklahoma.

So, is everything alright now, or are you still experienceing difficulty editing your organization information?

Oklahoma still does not show up after "Meno," on the webpage https://newhopedale.myanswers.com/operation-arctic/ and it still says "Select state" not Oklahoma on the drop down box on the "Manage Organization" page. Thanks for looking at this.