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Download all resources for a unit?

striderfcr 4 years ago updated by Arthur L. (Answers in Genesis - Business Analyst) 4 years ago 5

Is there any way to just download all the resources for a unit for the age group I want?

Every single time the site updates it gets prettier... but more frustrating to navigate. I just want a folder of the printouts for a whole unit on my computer so I can go week by week and prepare what I need, but now I apparently need to not only go into each lesson individually on the site but sort through every single resource in each lesson individually to figure out which ones I want before I can download them? 

It's particularly frustrating that I can't open the individual resources before downloading them. As far as I can see, I now not only have to download a dozen separate files, rather than having the option to download one file and then sort through that week's materials (or better still, download an entire unit's worth of materials in one zipped file), but if I'm not sure what each one is or whether it's useful to me I have to download it, then open it, then decide if I want it, then sort everything into files, for every single piece of material within every single lesson. It increases my prep time immensely. 

Edit: I also apparently can't download all the songs, or even view them all together anymore? I have to sort through every lesson to find the music files, and then download them separately.


Hello Emily and Jennifer,

Thank you for your feedback! I understand the convenience involved with being able to download all the files at once, however, we have many users that don't have fast/stable internet connections, which makes downloading all the resources at once difficult, if not impossible. For that reason, we have split out the downloads so that people are able to only download what they need, and in smaller pieces.

We have retained the older ABC Resources page here:, where you can still download the full lesson content in a .zip file. We are discussing ways to incorporate complete downloads into the new resources page (, but I don't have anything definitive to share as of yet.




Separate resource downloads

jeremydhermann 6 years ago updated by Arthur L. (Answers in Genesis - Business Analyst) 6 years ago 4

I would prefer that the video, powerpoint, and handout resources be separate downloads. Why download an 800 MB .zip just to use the powerpoint? Also, the videos could play from a stream service, in addition to the download option, for more flexibility.


error 403 forbidden

mjk2rollins 2 years ago updated by Arthur L. (Answers in Genesis - Business Analyst) 2 years ago 8

We purchased the teacher kit & are trying to access the printable resources but are getting the following error when clicking on the resource on the old resources page.  Please advise what we need to do to access the files.  Thanks! 

Error 403 Forbidden


Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-dfw18650-DFW 1634038755 3637971645

Varnish cache server


Hello Lindsay,

It sounds like the download tokens expired on the page; please refresh it (or navigate away and back) and see if that resolves your download issue. If it doesn't, please let us know which class and lesson you are having trouble with.



AiG Web Support


Video files missing.

Dan 6 years ago updated by Gary V. 4 years ago 2

The video files listed in the middle school curriculum are not all available for download. For example, the "Kinds" video is still not there for Unit 2 Lesson 14, even though an answer to this same question from 3 months ago says it has been fixed


Six Days video referenced in Adult lesson 12

kberlen 6 years ago updated by Arthur L. (Answers in Genesis - Business Analyst) 6 years ago 4

I have been unable to find the Six Days video referenced in the teachers guide, adult lesson 12. I have downloaded and unzipped the unit 12 resources, and it does not appear to be there.


My access code for unit 12 music is invalid

My code for unit 12 music (pre-k & 1) is invalid for lessons 111-120

Not a bug

The songs download code isn’t working

When I enter in the songs download code for unit 13 pre-k, it says it’s an invalid code. Am I missing something?


Hello Alycia,

Happy to help! I see that you are claiming KJV access codes. Please make sure that you are using our ABC 2nd Edition Resources page at Also, the access codes for Unit 13 are below just in case you need them. 

  • Unit 13 KJV Resources: RPK13IHB
  • Unit 13 KJV Verse Music: VMK13IHB
  • Unit 13 Pre-K Music: PM13IHB

Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues! 



Under review

there is no lesson 170 for 2nd-3rd on the ZIP files

Hi I don't see 2nd-3rd Lesson 170 for Unit 17 in the zip file section. Can you please help me with this? Thank you, Angela Howdyshell