How do I put my public page on my church website?

Once you have published your public page using the "Publish" button at the top left of the "Edit Public Page" page,, it will be publicly available, and can be shared on your church website or social media.

Once published, the address will look like this:

churchname is the "URL" value you entered in the Organization Settings in Digital Director. It is unique to your church. The time-lab value is initially set to your VBS theme by default. You can change this in the Public Page URL settings section. You can change either of those values at any time. Please be careful about changing them after you have started sharing the address with people, as the old address will stop working.

Once you have finalized your public page address, please check and confirm that it works before printing advertising materials, as we can't guarantee that your links will work if there is a typo or the address was otherwise misconfigured.

Once the public page has been published, then the link is displayed in a field under "Public Page Information" on the "Edit Public Page" page. Just copy that link and you can use it on your church's website or wherever else to promote your event.

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