When I purchased my Super Starter Kit in 2018, it gave us Digital Tools Plus access. Will I have to pay extra for those features for later themes?

First of all, thank you for being an Answers VBS customer! Your participation in 2018 was a great help to our team as we tested and improve MyAnswers Digital Tools.

You are correct, in that while we continue to offer VBS Digital Free to everyone, we are now charging for Digital Plus and Pro.

VBS Digital Free includes standard student and volunteer registrations, name tag printing, team organization, a public web page for your VBS, and more!

Digital Plus includes all of the above, as well as giving churches the tools to customize their registration forms and confirmation emails, attendance tracking, and having multiple leaders collaborate inside the MyAnswers workspace.

Digital Pro includes everything in Plus, as well as additional online resources, such as guides, posters, songs, and videos.

You can read more about the features and differences between Digital Free, Plus, and Pro here: https://myanswers.com/vbs/.

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