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I just Printed the Team Roster from the Manage Student Page. A couple of questions/concerns. First - and most important, I have a child registered with medical concerns but NO WHERE on the team roster does it indicate that. I feel is we are using that to keep track of teams allergy and medical information should be present on that. I haven't been able to find where that information imprinted so I can give that to team leaders and classroom teachers.

Also, we don't use all the check boxes for those purposes. Is there a way to customize them?

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Currently it is not possible to customize the reports. Our initial concern was providing a way to print out forms that matched what is provided on the resource DVD-ROM as closely as possible. We'll look into the possibility of producing customized reports in the future.

In the next software update, which should be available very soon, we will provide the ability to export your data as a CSV file. This will allow you to use a spreadsheet program, or "mail merge" the data into a word processing program to create your own reports.

But where on the team rosters and such does it list any allergies and medical concerns. All I am seeing it listed on is the total view online.


I have confirmed that we will get this information added to the printed roster. It may be several weeks before this change is available, but it is coming.

OK...Do you suggest for the time we manually cross check with the registration pages?

Sure, you can do that, or use the CSV export for the time being. It will have all the data, including medical and alergy information.

I noticed that the Allergy Concern and Medical Advisory buttons un-click themselves after the child is registered and won't stay clicked to alert you. However the information added by the parent is still available if you click on the button in that child's profile. Is this something that will be getting fixed soonish?

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Our designers have updated the printed Team Roster to include allergy and medical information.