How have the digital lessons changed in ABC 2nd Edition?

ABC 1st Edition offered digital lessons as PDFs via download or CD as an optional add-on. For ABC 2nd Edition, we’ve added value and lowered costs across the board. While our curriculum team has been busy building the 2nd Edition, our in-house web development and design teams have been hard at work building something that goes beyond PDFs: ABC Digital on

ABC Digital provides a digital lesson platform that allows teachers to prepare and teach their lessons from any device and avoid the need for printouts. The PDFs are still available through ABC Digital for those who still wish to print the materials.

During the Early Access program, we gathered feedback to make the tools better. We have plans to add more features and improvements to ABC Digital, but unfortunately, we are not able to provide an estimate as to when these improvements will be implemented. AiG has been affected by COVID-19 and our web development team has been operating with reduced staff for some time now.

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