How can I control the length of my rotation stations?

By default, the length of time spent at each station is automatically calculated by dividing the total time available between your opening and closing sessions by the number of stations. If you prefer, you can override this and manually enter the length of time spent at stations.

This is done on the "Schedule" settings page in the settings section. You also can get there using the "Schedule Settings" button on the Schedule Overview page.

There is a "Rotation length" field. If you put a time period there, it will be used instead of the calculated time. The time value you enter will be used even if it makes your schedule end at a different time than you have set for your event end time.

Please Note: The automatically generated schedule does not account for time between stations. So, any "between" time must be included in the previous session. For example, if you have 25 minute stations, and allow 5 minutes between stations, you would enter a total of 30 minutes for the "Rotation length."

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