Second Commandment Issues

Our church has enjoyed ABC Digital for many years, but there has always been an issue as we study through the New Testamant with seeking to train our children while also protecting them and ourselves against breaking the law of God. We are a church that is reformed in doctrine and we view the second commandment as a law still binding on us today specifically as God outlined for us in his commandment not to make any images of God and, as an extension, not to have images of Christ as a part of our worship of Him. Have you considered creating New Testament content free of images of Jesus for those churches with convictions such as ours? This would be a great tool for us and I believe further still a great asset to the church as a whole as we seek to rightly obey the commands he has given us. Thanks for your consideration.



Thank you for your feedback! I will pass this to our Content Team for further review. Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues!