Unit 2 printable resources

remagargee 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

My code only gave me Unit 1 resources not  Unit 2 resources.  How can I get Unit 2 resources?


I was using the unit 2 code.  I really don't want to say your service was bad but I did use Unit 2 code in the back of the Unit 2 book and only the Unit 1 resources downloaded.  

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There is a different code for each unit. Enter the code or codes from a Unit 2 teacher's guide to gain access to the appropriate Unit 2 resources.

I did use the P instead of a B.Sorry      That was a typing error on my part, but the 0 and O were confusing.  Thanks so much for clearing this up.  I will retry.  You are giving me good service and very quickly.  Thank you.   


That code was successful!