why can't I access the music files? It takes me to a web page that says forbidden 403.

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All the music links seem to be working for me now.

The links are only valid for a limited time. If you left the abc-resources page open for a long time, it is possible that the links on the page expired. If that happens, you can simply reload the page to generate new links.

Please try again. If you continue to experience difficulty, please let us know the specific file you are trying to download so we can investigate further.

Still can't access the music. It is for Unit 3. This is what the page shows when I try to download the music.

Error 403 Forbidden


Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-dfw18631-DFW 1510072261 326846237

Varnish cache server

It shows this for all the music


There was an error that caused those files to be inaccessible from outside our network. That has been corrected, so you should be able to download those files now.

I apologize for not catching that error the first time.

If you run into more difficulty, please let us know.

Thanks! It is working now.