sarah 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I can not seem to find any videos which I thought were included with our purchase, for lessons 1-10. We do have the ones that came with the free trial however, when we purchased the lessons, they didn't seem to include any videos.  Please help!  


The videos are included in the downloadable materials available here: https://myanswers.com/abc-resources/

You'll need to enter the code from the inside cover of the teacher's guide to gain access. The video clips are included in the zip file for each lesson.

If you aren't seeing the videos you expect there, let me know and I can check with the team that is in charge of the content to see what's going on.

Hi Brad,

There were some brief, incredible videos included with each of the trial lessons we received.  I am disappointed there are no videos included with lessons 5-8 and 10, and that there is only one video with lesson 9.  I thought there was a mistake.  

Thank you.