So this is an extension of my previous question.  I am transitioning from the old unit to the new curriculum.  So I ordered unit 3 and it said to start on lesson 24, which I did, but now I don't have any downloadable resources available.  At least I can't find any.  I am looking for the Class notes, etc.  By the middle of october I will be almost completed with the unit 3 and have had no support.


We do not recommend starting to teach Unit 3 before November 12th. Otherwise, you will be ahead of our production schedule, and will complete Unit 3 before Unit 4 is available.

Information on transitioning from version 1 to version 2 of ABC is available here: https://answersingenesis.org/sunday-school/abc-2nd-edition/transition/

That page also provides some other curriculum options should you need something else to fill-in if you are ahead of our schedule.

So I see now.  Thank you.  I did actually want to order unit 3, first edition, but it was not available to purchase.  I ordered the Jr. High curriculum, but after receiving it realized it would be to difficult for my students, as most of them are unchurched and would not spend the appropriate time on their books.  It is much easier for them, and they are more excited about just filling in the papers, etc.  Do you have any of the unit 3 1st edition 5-6 grade take home papers available for purchase?

Yes, we still have everything for the first edition still available. It is being phased out of the web store, but it can still be purchased by phone. You can contact our Customer Service group by phone at 800.778.3390.

Thank you!  That was my problem.  I was wanting to order 1st edition, quarter 3 and it was not available to order online.  I will call the 888 number

The unit 3 resources are still not availiable

Hi Mary, it looks like you hadn't entered the Unit 3 Resources code, just the Unit 3 PreK music code. I added the Unit 3 code to your account.