Shared Group Rotation

Laura 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 4

Is there a way to have all groups attend one rotation together? We have a shared snack rotation where all groups attend that rotation at the same time.

I've found a bit of a work-around by just putting everyone in one rotation group and the rotation stations are simply labeled with where every group will be during that rotation slot. (i.e.: rotation 1 is the first "station" and is labled: K-Lesson, 12-Crafts, 34-Music, 56-Games, so if you are in K you go to Lesson Time, 1st and 2nd go to Crafts, etc.) then the 3rd rotation it's simply labeled Snacks. Not ideal, but it works.

Using this method, since Stations are now replaced by Rotations, my room schedule is useless.

Under review

The system is designed to generate a rotation schedule similar to what is in the printed materials. If your needs are significantly different than that, the current schedule generator may not work well for you.

We are looking into ways to add more flexibility. I've passed your comments on to the team for consideration as we continue to enhance this system.


We do not anticipate adding this type of functionality to the schedule for this VBS season. We will keep it in mind for future updates.