sign in and sign out sheets

bcarmichael 2 years ago updated by Scott Thomas (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 2 years ago 1

Where can I print out sign in and sign out sheets


This maybe an added feature to add next year's VBS.  Attendance is good but as a church have a lot of foster families and custody issues a sign in and sign out sheet is a must.  Just makes life a little easier instead of inventing another form.

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Hello Beth,

While we do not offer a sheet that is specifically used for signing in and out you could use the Event Attendance Totals Sheet. You can find it by going to People --> Attendance --> Print Report. You could also make your own, to print your students information go to People --> Manage All Students and select the checkbox under the search field. Then use the Action drop down on the right side of the page and select Download Full Student List.