Feedback on teams

AngelaLarson 2 years ago updated by Scott Thomas (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 2 years ago 1

I love the Director and all of it's features.   One comment I have is that I would love a way for me to be able to list the teams in the order I would like them.  It seems to be random and when I take attendance or print things I can constantly re arranging them.  If there would be a way I could drag and drop them in an order and stay that way that would be great.  then I know for taking attendance and such where they will be.


Hello Anglea,

Thanks for your feedback! We are happy that you've had a positive experience using MyAnswers Director.

We do not currently support changing the order of teams in the settings. The teams are sorted alphabetically by default, and that list is only used internally. Teams are connected to Age Groups which are sortable and show on the public registration page.