Dashboard problem under Tasks

Karin 2 years ago updated by Scott Thomas (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 2 years ago 1

When I am on the Dashboard and scroll to the bottom and click on See All Tasks you come to a page that has a list of Checklists on the lefthand side of the page. I am unable to scroll to the bottom of that list. There is no arrow and the Settings tab is covering part of the items in the Checklist. The last item I can view is the Snack Checklist, so I am concerned I’m missing something. 

Satisfaction mark by Karin 2 years ago

Good Morning Karin, 

I took a look at your checklist page, there are no other items below the Snacks Checklist, so you are not missing anything. If there were any other checklists below the Snacks Checklist a scroll bar would appear. This is happening because of the size of your screen/browser window.

We will look into tweaking the layout so the bottom checklist isn't covered like that. Thanks for pointing that out!