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HBC VBS 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 2

Hello,  We are 2 weeks before our VBS!  I noticed the Team Roster prints a volunteer assigned to the team extra times if they have other duties.  For instance, if assigned to Registration, Skit and Lion Team,  you are printed 3 times on the header of the Lion Team.

Also,  Any non-Team attendance list?


Sonya Hunt


Hello Sonya,

Thanks for bringing that issue to our attention. We have created a task to fix the duplicate volunteers with multiple roles that are displaying on the Team Rosters.

All our tracking is team-based, so if you would like to have an attendance list that doesn't group by teams, that is something you would have to create on your own. To do that, you can download your student data as a spreadsheet. From People --> Manage All Students --> click the Action drop down and select Download Full Student List.




Good morning Sonya,

Just letting you know that we have now fixed the issue with duplicate volunteers on the team roster.