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Is there a way to delete certain fields in the forms (i.e. Age Group Selector)? There are several field in the forms page that are not editable. It would be very helpful to enable that feature.


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Certain fields must exist in order for the system to function. Age Group is one of those fields. You can change the age groups, but not remove the selector.

Help me understand what you are trying to accomplish. Under what conditions would you not want to have data on the ages of students?

Thanks so much for your response. So for our VBS, we will sometimes shift the Age Groups depending on how many kids of each age sign up. Therefore, I created another form field to ask for the student's actual age, so I would like to remove the Age Group selector field to avoid confusion. Also, in the Volunteer sign up form, the mandatory age selector field isn't very intuitive as I think many of our volunteers are open to work with any age group where there is a need. (I've tried to get around that by adding a "No Preference" age group in the Settings section)

Thanks again! The newly designed VBS website has a very nice look to it. I like how the formatting also translates wel when viewing on my mobile device.

We recognize that the way the age group selector currently works for volunteer registration is awkward. We're looking into that. The plan is to change that to allow volunteers to select multiple age preferences or none at all. We expect to have that in the next update in a few weeks.

For the ages groups, you can update them to be ages rather than grades. The system can automatically assign students to teams based on their age and gender, if you choose to leave that option enabled. You can choose which ages/genders go to which team or teams. You can have multiple age groups in a single team, or an age group can be split across multiple teams. Of course, you can manually assign or reassign registrants as needed.

Thanks for clarifying. I will look into modifying the age groups to use ages rather than grade levels.

My main concern is missing out on people who may have thought they registered but did not actually complete the form because they didn't fill in all the mandatory fields. That happened to me when I tried to test out the form. I would prefer to have fewer mandatory fields (maybe just the bare minimum of name and email address), so that we can know if someone tried to sign up and then we can follow up to gather additional information if needed.


The way the age group selector works on the volunteer registration form has been reworked. Volunteers can now select any number of groups as their preference.