Check List Editing

starlightbaptistvbs 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 6

May I add new items to my checklist? In other words, can I customize the list to fit my needs?

Under review

The checklists are predefined. They can't currently be customized.

What sort of things would you like to be able to add to the checklist?


Craft &Snack Donations List presented to the church for coordinators.

T-shirt orders Deadline.

Little custom things like that.


Thanks for the additional information. The more we understand what you are trying to accomplish, the better we can make plans to support you.

Hi Brad ~ Though I'm all for making sure we have customizing options (and usually will go with the majority), let me be the "naysayer?" on this... Several of the requests made above, I don't feel should be done through this venue. I think it will get to be too much to get through and we can miss something or have to delete something on the forms that do not apply to everyone. I don't believe you can customize it to include everything everyone wants on here as adding all these options will make others have to delete way too many things for their own customization of the Director site.

Several of the things we do to get ready for VBS, we can do and should continue to be done outside of your website. Our church also asks for donations for materials, tho we do not charge for our VBS (it's free), we do not need the payment information option,etc., and do a lot other things to get us ready for it, I don't feel it needs to be something added to the site as a checklist as it pertains only to our church.

If you'd like my opinion, I think this should be left only for the tasks that are pertinent to conducting the VBS, as you've done before and not add way too many things for everyone, instead of just a couple/few who might want it customized for them.

It also appears that maybe a tutorial of how to customize the Director for each church's individual needs should be available. This way, you don't necessarily need to add all these customization options, but rather you can teach people how to use the Director and customize it for their "individual" needs.


Thanks for your input. We definitely want to hear as many perspectives as we can.

Balancing simplicity and flexibility is one of the more challenging aspects of designing this system, as there are so many church sizes and differences in the way VBS events are run.

Our goal is to have things set up by default so that most churches can just create an account and go, with as little customization or set up work as possible. For churches with other needs, we try to provide flexibility where we can. We attempt to keep those more complex options unobtrusive and out of the way so they can be ignored by everyone except those who actually need them.

We do plan on adding tutorials to help people get started and manage some of the customization options. We probably won't get to that until the beta test ends in April. We want to wait until things are finalized before we do screen shots or videos.


At least in the short term, we do not plan on adding the ability to edit the checklists.