Satisfaction mark by Kim 2 years ago
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Hello Kim,

What account are you talking about, and what exactly are you trying to do? You can delete registrations on the Manage Students/Volunteers pages. If you're talking about your web account, which changes to which account/s would you like made? Do you need an email address changed, or do you really need the account deleted? Have you claimed any access codes with this account?

The account that is incorrect is  She signed in before we started working on this and it set her up as the coordinator.  I need to be the primary on this account for Widefield Community Bible Church.  Her account has my e-mail ( also tied to it, so I cannot set up a separate account that I can log back in to and use the Launch Director with our access code.  The access code was claimed under her account.


Hello Kim,

We added your account as the director of the event, and your Super Starter Kit code has been registered to the event.

If you want, you can add as a coordinator now.