Primary and Junior student guides are not complete in digital library

Randy 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 5

In the digital library both the Primary and Junior student guides only have 2 days in them.  How can I get the entire student guide in PDF or another printable format?

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Hello Randy,

We will be happy to help, can you please supply the Digital Library page/s you are having trouble with?



The pages online currently are not the KJV version of the Student Guides.  So we are needing all the pages (days) for the KJV version.  We would like the Toddler, Pre-Primary, Primary and Junior Student guides in KJV.   Thank you so much!


Good afternoon Randy,

We don't currently offer the Digital Library in KJV. The physical guides in the Starter Kits are purposely Bible version-neutral (with traditional and contemporary music choices), but we have the verses listed out in ESV on the online version. Most of, if not all of the actual content should still be usable if you read the KJV version instead of the listed translation.



It would really be helpful for churches to know that ahead of time as that is not clear in the description of what is included or not included in KJV in the digital library.  This is our first year to use Answer in Genesis material. Do you think you may in the future include it?  You do such a wonderful job on all your printed material. It is so very professional and inspiring. 

I want to "Thank" Answers in Genesis for offering your VBS's in KJV.  There are not very many organizations that do so, so we "Greatly Appreciate" that you do!   Please pass this feedback along or is there an official email address or way to provide feedback?

Thank you. 

Good morning Randy,

I'll pass it along for future consideration. Meanwhile, we do offer PDF downloads here if you want to use those instead of the Digital Library: https://answersingenesis.org/store/product/time-lab-vbs-leader-guide-pdf-pack/. I believe these were given out for free as an early pre-order bonus, so keep on the lookout for something like that next year.