How can I change the order of my teams in the settings section?

Daisie 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 1 year ago 5

There isn't the tool on the left like there is on the Age Groups page.


Hello Daisie 

We do not support changing the order of teams in the settings. The teams are sorted alphabetically by default, and that list is only used internally. Teams are connected to Age Groups which are sortable and show on the public registration page. 



I don't see how they are in alphabetical order since ours is listed 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st, Kindergarten (just some of the teams we have).  Even spelled out it is still not in alphabetical order: sixth, fifth, third, first, Kindergarten. Would be nice if we could actually sort them the way need to have them.  

Hi Joanna, the teams (https://myanswers.com/vbs/manage/4702/teams/) are sorted alphabetically by team name, not the age group/s they are assigned to. Only the age groups show up on the registration form, and you can edit their sorting here: https://myanswers.com/vbs/manage/4702/age-groups/.


Thank you for your response those are my team names that I listed above and how they are sorted

You're welcome! Sorry for the confusion; your team names are Brazil, France, Japan, etc. and are sorted alphabetically. The age group names (Completed 4th Grade, Completed 2nd Grade, Completed 3rd Grade, etc.) are also sorted alphabetically on the age group page, but you can move them around there as well.