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Beverly 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 9

On my student registration form I have street address 1, city, state, and zip.  However, when I download the student information into Excel, the street address 1 field is blank.  I do get the city, state and zip downloaded.  Could you please see if this is a bug in the website?  I definitely want to get our students' addresses.  Thank you!


Quick to respond and helpful!  Thank you!

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Hello Beverly,

We would be happy to look into your issue but we will need more information, what is the email address that was used to create the event, or the church name?



Hello Beverly,

Your issue stemmed from deleting the default Address field. The Address field contains several sub-fields for the address parts (street, city, state, zip), so creating your own custom Address fields was unnecessary.

Though we don't recommend deleting the Address field and making your own fields, we did fix the issue that was causing Street Address to disappear if people do that. It should be fixed by the end of the week when we have our next code update.

We will let you know when the fix is out.



Thank you so much for your help!


You're welcome Beverly! The fix is out now. It looks like while you can now see street when viewing individual students and using the Print Student Details action from the dropdown, it's still missing on the spreadsheet.

We may be able to go in and fix that, but if you can just re-register your students that would be a lot easier and the spreadsheet will show their street then.


Although, it looks like you may have extra empty address fields due to not using the default address fields. I'll clean those up for you.


I just added a field and set the field type as "address" and that does allow the complete address to download into excel. The only drawback now is that there are three other sets of blank fields for street/city/state/zip in the spreadsheet. Of course, I can simply delete the blank columns, although it would be nice for them not to appear in the download.  This is definitely progress in the right direction!



OK I went in and removed all the extra blank fields. Should be good now--please try downloading it again. How's that look?


Fantastic! The download looks great!  Thank you so much.  We should be ready to start registering children this weekend.  I greatly appreciate your help!