HBC VBS 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 1

Hello,   First, Love the Director, great improvements this year.    

I noticed in Rotations, you have 2 locations which I assume is to have Craft/Music or Snack/Recreation share a 40 minute window.  I put this into the rotation but it will only let me chose the first destination and not the second one to start the teams on.  

So,  Ist - 2nd and 3rd - 4th - lesson is 40 minutes but others are 20 minutes each, 1st - 2nd in Craft and 3rd - 4th in Music then switch.  Same for recreation.   It so close!  I hope you can fix it.



You can currently only edit starting time, end time, rotation length, and opening/closing assembly length. This is doable under Settings -> Schedule. We don't support events of different lengths than the standard one other than the opening and closing sessions.

The second box in Settings -> Rotation Stations is so we can offer a subset of rotations. For example, if there were two crafts stations, they could be Crafts - Fingerpainting and Crafts - Popsicle Stick Art.

Sorry if this doesn't fit your needs exactly, but supporting fully customizable rotations/schedules for each VBS would be a huge undertaking. It may be something we tackle, but that won't be this year.