No specifics when volunteers sign up

Randy 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 3

When volunteers sign up for a specific role or task I get an email that says they signed up as a "worker" but nothing indicates just what role or position they are volunteering for. The only choice I have is to assign them a role but I don't want to assign them to something when they volunteered for something else.

In the example I know that Kailey signed up as a Time Keeper (listed on the form) but this is what I received.

Under review

Hi Randy, thanks for your feedback! Before assigning your volunteers to teams, we recommend that you review the submissions under People -> Manage All Volunteers and clicking on their names. You can then see their preferences before assigning them responsibilities. The email could be a little more clear in that regard; I'll bring it up with my team on Monday.


Hello Arthur,

Before submitting my question I looked at the list of names and didn't see anything there that indicated their preference. However after your reply I went there again. This time I selected the button to assign the volunteer to a role and within that list it indicated what their preference was. Seems you have to drill down into it before knowing. It would be good if the email could tell me what they prefer but at least I can find out how to find out now.



Hi Randy, I just wanted to make sure that our process wasn't allowing directors to assign volunteers without seeing what their preferences were first. Glad to see that isn't the case. As far as the emails go, they need to be generic, otherwise we introduce an extensive level of complexity to the template with including variables for the chosen preferences.