Mixed theme

HBC VBS 2 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 3

Hello, I set up new Time Lab vbs but the Arctic Theme is showing in a few places.  I cloned as was an option.   Front page is good but it shows up in a few places 

Under review

Hello, I checked on your VBS and it looks properly set up. Please note that the current default team names are animals from last year; you can change those names under Schedule -> Team Settings. Also, the profile icons under coordinators are not displayed publically, and we have the system randomly select those from our list of all the profile icons. That is why your user has a husky instead of something Time Lab-related. Is there anything else that seemed off-theme that you noticed?

Hi Arthur,

I think it is just the teams and icons.  Thanks.   Will it use the time lab theme icons if I find them?  It tends to throw the helpers off if the wrong theme pops up




No, we don't currently allow for the profile icons to be changed. Currently, 6 of the 20 profile icons are from Time Lab. Think of it not like it's part of your current theme, but that it's part of the larger Answers VBS theme, especially because the icons only show up privately. We're using all of them so we can have the most amount of differentiation between registered students/volunteers in the VBS Director.