my vbs page will not come up on my church page it says not published

cbarnold2016 2 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 2 years ago 1

When I copy and paste my VBS URL onto my church webpage a window from myanswers director comes up say 804 page not published.  But the URL link works on the facebook page.  Can anyone help with this?


Your public page is available, and should work anywhere you share the link. If it is not working on your church webpage, there must be a typo. If you can provide a link to the page on your website where the link isn't working, we probably can tell you specifically what's wrong.

Your correct VBS page's address is: https://http-wwwcrossrdsbiblechurchcom.myanswers.com/time-lab/

BTW: If you'd like to change or shorten the first part of your public page address you can do that by going to Settings->Organization in Director. Once you change it, the old version will stop working. So if you do choose to change it, you'll want to do it before you start promoting the address of that page anywhere.