Coordinator email was sent, but the coordinator can't see the event after she made an account

jwashabaugh 3 years ago updated by Heather H 2 years ago 5

I added my coworker as a coordinator for our VBS, but once she went through the process of making an account, she has no access to the event. I resent the invite, but it still isn't working.

Not a bug

I'll see what I can find out. What is the email for the account that is managing the VBS?


We restarted the web browser and her compute, and it seems to work now. Thank you though!

Can someone help me with what was done exactly? I'm having the same issue. They receive the email, they click the link, create an account, then it tells them they have no events, but they can create a VBS event. I need to associate their login with our event in some way. I tried the browser suggestion and a different browser completely, but it's still an issue - "no events scheduled."


There is a problem when users click the link in the invitation email if they don't already have an account. We'll work on correcting that.

For now, if you run into trouble, log into MyAnswers.com and then go back to the invitation email. Click the link and click the link again. As long as you log in first, it should work.


We believe the invitation process is working as intended now. If you run into more probems, let us know.