why isn't there a teacher coordinator role?

emilygunden 3 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 4

My teachers want to be able to print of roster sheets and all the stuff with their class and want to view them and the digital books right from digital director but I have them set as a team leader coordinator and all they can see is their students.

The other coordinators have permissions they don't really care about but the team leaders don't have much, not even a check list.

Should I have them as a different coordinator?

Under review

The team leader position was primarily intended to allow team leaders to track attendance for their team. 

I think the intent was that teachers would be given the role for the station they were leading: Crafts, Games, Snacks, and so forth. 

I can see the value of having teacher-specific roles, so I'll pass that suggestion on to the team. For now, you'll just need to find the most appropriate coordinator position from the available choices.


Our Church has had a Teacher Coordinator Role who oversees all our teachers the last 5 years. I think this would be also beneficial.

Thanks for your input, I added your comment to our existing task for when we reevaluate our existing roles.

For now, adding a second director may fit your needs.