two events at one time

jwashabaugh 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hello, we have two AIG VBS's happening with our church. One is at a different campus, but still our church. Is it possible to have two events open with different homepage links/addresses/times? Thank you

Under review

Yes, it is possible to have two events open at one time. Go to https://myanswers.com/manage/ and click the green plus button to add an additional event. The addresses and times are editable for both events under Settings -> Event. Regarding the address change, toggle off the "Event will take place at church/group address?" for the event held on a different campus. As far as the homepage link goes, it doesn't look like we support multiple website links right now, but if you fill everything else out and provide the link and which event it goes to, I'll see what I can do.


After talking with someone on the phone support at AiG, we ended up deleting the event and had my coworker sign in to the director portal and create the event separate from the one I created. I'll let him know about toggling the settings for the event and see if that helps. Thanks.