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Could you describe your process for printing the student information so I can look into this for you?

I am using the same process as before.  I click on 'edit' at the top of the student profile and then 'print'.  

Can you tell if the URL of the page you are trying to print looks like this?

myanswers.com/manage/{Your Event ID}/students/1234/edit/

Assuming so, that page has no Print option unless you are printing directly from your web browser like you could print any random web page.  I attempted a print from browser and I don't see any images on that page, but in general, this is not a supported feature of VBS Director if I am understanding correctly.

Almost - it looks like this; https://myanswers.com/manage/{event ID}/students/36586/

A large graphic of a child's profile picture appears twice on the pages, taking up almost half a page each time.  I do use 'edit' on the student page as before but then of course when it goes to print I can't modify what I'm printing other than deleting a whole page.  The graphic doesn't show up on the student profile page in the website which is why I was surprised to see it.

That page has not been set up for printing, just for viewing online.

Our design team is planning on setting up more pages to be printable. I let them know that you'd like this page to print well.

Thank you.  I'll look for a printable page to come.  


That page will print better, now. Depending on your registration form, you still may be better off printing the Edit page for your records. We're also looking into the possibility of adding a report to simplify the printing of student data in the future.