Required Fields that don't appear to be editable!

jesse.latta 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 2

I don't know how to adjust default required fields, but the email and phone fields that are required by default can't be edited. I need to make the email a required field and I want to be able to edit the phone number entries so that I don't have my parents entering the same number multiple times to meet a field requirement. Thanks so much!

Under review

I've submitted your question to our development team.  Someone will get back with you on this soon.


System required fields can't have their settings changes, as changing them would break functionality in MyAnswers.

There are two required phone numbers: a "Primary" number for the parents or guardians, and an emergency contact number. They must be present and must be filled in. No other numbers are required by default, and you do not have to even include any others, if you wish.

Many churches requested that the family email address not be required, as they have some people who do not have them. As it is a system field, we cannot make it be required on your event without making it required on every church's event.