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I cannot seem to find any addresses for any of my registered students. I've printed them out under edit for each registration but the address is blank though it is marked as * required on the form. I even checked my own daughters registration because I KNOW I put down our address and hers is blank too. So it wasn't just a random couple of registrants that didn't want to include their address. I always follow up after VBS with pictures taken during the week...

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I'm not sure what happened. I'm not seeing any address information. I did a test registration, and it's address information was saved. I deleted that test registration when I was done.

My best guess is that at some point after these registrations you may have deleted the address field from the form and readded it. When a field is deleted, all data associated with that field is also deleted.

I noticed other issues with your form. The Emergency Contact information should be appearing on the student information page, but it is not, due to an issue with those fields.

Also, you have the allergy field set to be required. This will only allow children to be registered if they have allergies.

I have requested one of our developers to take a look at it on Monday. We'll see if we can determine what is going on with the addresses, and get any other issues with your form corrected.

I'll provide an update when I know more tomorrow.


We have updated your form so things should work going forward. 

We're not sure what happened to the address data. Our best guess is that you or some coordinator deleted and readded the address field. The address data has been deleted for these existing students.