print registrations

valdez6986 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 1

I tried printing the registrations for each student and just a little bit goes onto a 2nd page. Can this be fixed, please? We use these as our registration cards and last year they printed fine.


Our default registration form does fit on one page. You can add or remove fields, so there's no guarantee your customized form will fit on one page.

For now, the only place you can see all the data for a student is on the "Edit" page. From the roster you can bring up the individual student's information page, and then click the "Edit" button at the top.

You can use your browser's print function to print the "edit" page to get a hard copy of all the individual student's data. Our designers will work on making that printout look better, but I think it should be sufficient for now.