No, we don't currently have a report like that. I can see why that it would be useful, so I'll pass the suggestion on to the team for consideration.

For now, allergy information is displayed on the team rosters that can be printed from the "Mange All Students" page under the "People" section. If that's not sufficient, the other option is to download the student data as a CSV file and get the information from there.

It would be awesome if the Team Roster were actually an attendance sheet to give to the teachers. They could mark students as present AND have the allergy/medical conditions at their fingertips. We will in fact use these sheets for attendance purposes.

Hi Roxanna,

We actually have both of those. In addition to your roster, your attendance sheet is available here: https://myanswers.com/vbs/manage/3781/attendance-report/. You can print it and mark it off physically, or you can pull it up on a computer or tablet and check the students off that way.