Registration Notifiers

Donald Shade 3 years ago updated by Arthur Lawson (Answers in Genesis - Web Support Analyst) 2 years ago 5

My church asks for permission from parents/legal guardians to allow us to take pictures of there children therefore I have put a check box for that. I would appreciate if there was a way that I can get notifications on the main registration page like food allergies or medical conditions.

Under review

If I understand, you were able to set up your registration form to meet your needs, but would like an easier way to see which children have permission. Is that correct?

Currently the only places where you can see all the information for an individual student is the "edit" page and in the CSV download.

Where would it be most helpful to see the information? I'm not sure which page you're referring to as the "main registration page." Do you mean the individual student information page that comes up when you click their name in the list?

Sorry for the confusion by saying the main registration page. I was referring to the manage students page. I have included a screen shot of it below. Notice in these sample of students we can see right here that one has a medical concern. If there was a way to get a notification  like that, it would be great. I don't believe that is currently available but I hope my suggestion will make it into future development.

Thanks for the clarification. I'll pass your suggestion on to the team.

One thing I've seen others do in similar situations is adding an asterisk after the student's name. You could do that for the students who do (or do not, depending on which way you want to indicate) have permission. It's obviously additional manual work for you, but this would make it possible to identify these students in the list and on all printed materials.

Thanks for the suggestion.