My volunteer form has a question that is not showing up on the form but has a blank fill in spot...help?

Jessie Wilemon 1 week ago updated yesterday at 9:07 a.m. 2

My Volunteer form,has a question I created that should have a long fill in text field.  When I preview it has the long fill in box with no question.  Below you will see in the editor the question, then the preview screen below that.

Also on the Volunteer form we are making ours like a backyard VBS and so due to our current times we are making the groups in each neighborhood be small and non age specific.  Well that is a default question in the form so I deleted the options but the question doesn't go away.  Its just floating text.  How do I fix that?

Thank you,

Jessie Wilemon
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Kingsland First Baptist Church 


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Hi Jessie,

I created a task for our UX team to fix the missing Long Text Box label. It is being worked on now, and I will update you when it is complete!

I also deleted the age groups default question from your Volunteer form.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or issues!



I did notice that this is the only "Long Text" field on all of our forms.  So that may be the issue.  I tried to create another one to see if it was just a bug with just that one question and the new long text question did the same thing.  So definitely a bug with just long text questions at this point.