Techno Toddler 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 1

I keep getting this error message that says I'm not using a valid URL. What does URL mean? I am using the URL I was basically assigned. It was https:// then a box with my churche's name in it .myanswers.com. The message says it doesn't have http or https in it. Yes, it does! Isee Https at the beginning of it. I totally do not understand! Is this error message referring to something else on the page. I am completely stuck until this issue is resolved. Can somone please explain this to me?!      


I'm sorry for your frustrating experience in Director. We're trying to identify and eliminate these types of issues.

A URL is just a website address. (For example https://google.com)

I'm assuming you were on the Organization Settings page. In that case, the issue is what you have entered in your "Church/group Website" field. (Not your myAnwsers website--your actual church website.) That must be a full and properly formatted website address, including the initial http:// or https://. Otherwise, your web browser will flag it as an error.

I corrected your website address for you. I changed if from "saltchurch.net" to "http://saltchurch.net". So you shouldn't see that error on that page anymore.

That error message you are seeing is actually not one we generate. It is automatically generated by your web browser--Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or whatever--when it sees a form field for a web address with contents it doesn't consider valid. Unfortunately, that message looks different in every browser, and we have almost no control over how/when it appears or what it says. We are looking into how we can keep this from happening, or at least make it clearer what's wrong.