Can my public page (for registration) not be published on the AIG website?

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 I would like to use the Director tool for kids registration, without it being globally published on the AnswersVBS "Find a VBS Near You" webpage.  Interest rates for our VBS are already very high!


That sounds like a good problem to have!

You don't have the power to change that setting, but we can change it for you. Your event is currently set to be excluded from the events list page.

Thanks Brad!  Appreciate all the help!

I have the opposite issue. My site is published, but I don't seem to see in on the Answers VBS Find a vbs near you webpage. I might not be looking for it properly (thou haven't had that issue in the past). Can you check on this for me? Much appreciated.


I noticed when looking at the initial request on this topic that a number of events aren't set to display publicly, but probably should be. I sent a request to the developers to investigate.

I can fix your account for you. I don't have enough information to track down your event, though. Can you let me know the web address of your public page? I can use that information to find your VBS and make sure it is displaying on the events page properly.


I've been checking, but I still don't see my VBS in the events page.


It's there now.

Either I made a mistake last night, or something changed the setting again. I reset it.

The developer who will be helping investigate this issue is out today, so we haven't made any progress on our investigation of what's changing that setting yet. We'll try to get the root cause fixed soon. For now, your event is there.

I see it there now. Thanks again. :-D

Could I also have our VBS not published globally as we have limited space and lots of kids


Good afternoon Kristen,

Yes, we have added the ability to add or remove an event from the "Find Local VBS Events" page. You can turn this feature off from your event settings page (Dashboard -> Settings -> Event). Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Also, please see this Knowledge Base article about your options with restricting registrations:

Is there a way to automatically turn off registration when full?