accessing family information

shepherdbible 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 2

I cannot seem to see where I can access the family information from the registration form. The student information is in the email that is sent to the director and it is also in the "manage students" section. But no where can I find where the address of the family is sent to the director.

Under review

Right now, the only place in MyDirector where you can see all the data is on the "Edit Students" page. From the "Manage All Students" page in the People section, you can click on a student's name to bring up their basic information. From there, click on the Edit link at the top to see everything. 

You also can download a spreadsheet with all the data from the Manage Students page.

A request has been made to our design team to add additional information to the individual students information page. Right now I have no additional information about what will be added there or when it might be available.


Our design team has completed the enhancement of the Student Profile page. You can see all the entered information without having to go into edit mode. 

At the moment, that page is only useful online. It does not print well. That will be addressed in the future. But the information can now be viewed there.