Email notification of registration

Patti Sanger 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 9

When we receive an email informing that a child is registered can we request to get their registration info sent in the email like the old system worked? It just helped being able to print out a hard copy of the child's registration information.

Under review

Right now, there are no options for changing the content of that email.

What information would you like to see in the emails? Perhaps would a link to that person's page in MyAnswers Director be helpful?

Thank you for your response. A link to the person's page would be very helpful. I need to print out a hard copy of the child's registration information - we use it for several steps during our processing.  I don't know how to get to the individual child's registration page but if I can print the page, that should work! A link from the email to the page would be great - thank you for your help!

I did find how to get to the student's page - by clicking on the edit icon - and printed it, however it ended up being 4 pages. I am just looking for all that information to be on a form that is condensed to one page (like the emails' content was from last year).  If there is another way to get to the information already on a summary form that I am missing, please advise.  Thank you!

I have alerted our design team, and they'll be making our site's pages print better.

I have made a quick temporary fix to make the "Edit" pages for students and volunteers is print better. It's not ideal, but it should be usable until our designers can get it set up correctly.

I also added a link from the registration emails to the student or worker's information page.

Good morning - I received three new registrations yesterday, but could not find where the link to the student's page is on the registration email.  Will the link be embedded in the email, or do I need to look somewhere else?  Thanks!


I apologize, that's my mistake. After I tested the update to the email I forgot to make it available on the live system. I've done that now, so the next email you receive should have a big green "View Student Information" button. If not, let us know.

Thank you!  This is great!  One more question - we have started receiving registrations and I have been notified by a couple of families from our church who have registered that they did not receive a confirmation email, so were questioning if their registration had gone through okay.  I did write information in the Student Welcome Email - but is there something else I need to do on my end to enable the email to be sent when a person registers?  Thank you for your help!


The email is sent to the family form field named "Email." Your form didn't have an "Email" field, so no emails were sent. 

As that field is required for the system to function correctly, it should have prevented you from changing it. I have updated your registration form so emails should be sent from now on.

The information from the confirmation email is also presented on the "Thank You" page that is shown after registration is complete, so parents should at least have seen it there. 

Thank you so much!  I'm sure I messed it up somehow :/  I really appreciate all your assistance - you guys are great!!!